In addition, I discovered a fantastic panoramic tool that is just outstanding. I would argue that the Nikon D4 outperforms the Nikon D3s when it comes to high ISO performance, by around a third of a stop this time around. In contrast, the Nikon D3 crop seems to be much noisier, around 1.5 stops worse than the D4.

nikon d3s

When comparing the D4 to the D3s, all of the primary buttons are somewhat smaller on the D4. I like the slightly bigger D3s ones, but it’s not a huge issue to me. The Canon CFA on the 1dsmk3+ and old 5D is different from the CFA in the 5dmk2, and it is also narrower in the latest Canon cameras to allow for more light gathering. 3) I was referring to the capacity to discriminate between colors; how you choose to proceed with that information is totally up to you. If you purchase, for example, a 6D that is on the edge of becoming color blind, you will not have access to these features.

In this specific instance, the Nikon D3S and the Nikon D4 have precisely the same width and height, and as a result, their bodies are of the same size as one another. The D4 is, on the other hand, much heavier than the D3S. The fact that both cameras are splash and dust resistant should be noted in this light; as a result, they may be utilized in adverse weather conditions or in tough locations. All right, now let’s talk about the variations in camera specs. The following comparison of specs solely highlights the differences between the two cameras; identical information has been purposefully left out of the comparison.

nikon d3s

In continuous shooting it is meant to offer you more photographs per charge, however if you are leaving the camera inactive, it’ll run out quicker. When photographing animals, there are long periods of inactivity during which nothing occurs, and thus far, this seems to have a substantial influence on battery life, which is concerning. The battery has around 64 percent remaining after approximately 400 photos and less than 2 minutes of 1080p video. It is for this reason that professional hands-on evaluations are essential.

Hopefully, a firmware update will be able to resolve the issue. While I had previously shot with a Nikon D3s, the D4 provided significant improvements at higher ISOs. At base ISO, however, I believe the D4 provides far superior white balance, which is evident in the skin tones captured with the camera. Those I’ve listed are distinct from others in that they may provide you with «more» colors than others.

nikon d3s d4

The D3s, on the other hand, now seem a touch boxy and obsolete in the hand due to the refinement and modernization of the D4. However, although the D3 series body has always been a pleasure to use, the D4 takes it to a whole new level in terms of ergonomics, design, and attention to detail. Furthermore, with the addition of the dedicated video record button, the Mode choose button has been moved farther across the top of the camera, making it impossible for me to naturally hit it any longer.

Simply said, they are better at distinguishing colors than the others. Which is a value that cannot be substituted by anything else since it is a fixed property of the sensor that is dependent on the quality of the CFA signal. I also appreciate the weight and size of professional and semi-professional digital SLR cameras. Nikon no longer offers a universal camera in their product lineup.

nikon d3s

In all practical applications, as well as to the untrained eye, they seem to be almost identical. And while we’re at it, the improved focus, settings, and speed enhancements, among other things, may not be of any advantage to many photographers, depending on their particular style of shooting. Individuals new enhancements, on the other hand, will be very beneficial to those whose sort of photography will profit from them; however, only you will know for certain.

I’d estimate that the XQD card sends photos from buffer to card at a rate of around three images per second. When compared to its successor, the D3s is a laggard in comparison. When I mentioned the AF-On button before, I meant to say that it now starts VR, which cannot be turned off. The hope is that this will be addressed in a software update that can be toggled on and off, however as of the time of writing, pressing the AF-On button to focus also enables VR, which was not the case with earlier cameras.

As an event photographer who often works in low light conditions, I am looking forward to getting my hands on the D4. Yes, I am paying for the additional video feature that I will not be using. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the D800 compares. I’m not interested in pixel peeping, and I’m particularly interested in the D4 against the D800 in terms of AF tracking/speed and clean pixels. More information about the Nikon D4, as well as my comments on its features, may be found in the Nikon D4 article that I published earlier this month.


The joysticks on the MB-D10 grip are identical to those on the Canon DSLRs. One joystick is used in the horizontal position, and the other in the vertical position (the joystick is stolen from the MB-D10 grip). The customisable AE-L/AF-L button has been replaced with the top joystick. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I despise joysticks. We don’t need to utilize the joystick to shift the AF point any more, so what is there to gain by having the larger dial?

If you want the greatest colors for portraiture, try to get any of the older Kodak or Fuji film that I recommended. (Actually, the combination of the A900 with the 135mm f1.8 is one of the finest to purchase.) There is no such thing as a free lunch, even though A99 comes rather near to being beautifully balanced; nonetheless, I suspect that EVF is not what most people choose.


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